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Gender: unisex; Main Color: Black; Collection (season): Spring/Summer23; Sport type: Running; Warranty period: 60 days from the date of receipt of the goods

PUMA Waterbottle Plastic water bottle. Volume 1 l, hypoallergenic plastic, safe non-spill lid, ergonomic body, measuring scale. Not intended for hot food.

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Female gender; Shoe weight: 256; Drop (mm): More than 9mm; Level: For beginners; Main color: Blue; Height of sneakers, socks: Low; Surface: Asphalt; Pronation: With support; Collection (season): Spring/Summer23; Sport type: Running; Model: Hispalis; Warranty: 60 days from receipt

High performance neutral training shoe for people who need great cushioning. Designed for runners over 70kg who train 1 to 7 days.

Construction is made of custom nylon and welded TPU to reduce weight and seams. Includes a "360 degree" system to improve the connection of the sole and structure, facilitating the natural division of weight in the stride. Area of five is denser for improved fit and comfort, and the central area avoids deformation. The design is reinforced with JOMA SPORTECH technology - direct rubber injection, which prevents the formation of seams and other hard materials in the upper part of the shoe. This provides lightness, comfort, greater flexibility and better fit to foot. Thickness varies depending on the protection requirements and resistance of each zone. The heel includes EXO COUNTER – an outer support that provides more protection and improves the stability of the shoe. And the VTS breathable ventilation system

Moulded ethylene vinyl acetate insole that conforms to the shape of the foot. Natural ethylene vinyl acetate insole is sewn to the structure with GLOVE SYSTEM, with both pieces sewn smoothly and without protruding seams to match the design of the foot's contour.

Midfoot made of FULL DUAL PULSOR Phylon with different densities to optimize damping. The higher density, more stability, lower density, more lightness. This technology gives flexibility and better absorption in stride. Also includes C2S (Cell Cushion System), an interior with a perforated cell system that provides better cushioning and faster recovery in the stride, the part expands to facilitate cushioning and support the athlete's momentum.

The Hispalis outsole incorporates the DURABILITY system, which provides the sole with greater durability thanks to high-strength rubber that delays wear due to abrasion, thereby extending the life of the shoe. Complemented with the FLEXO system, the flex lines are ergonomically placed on the sole to provide a better transition from heel to toe with every step. The heel only allows the sole to flex, providing better support and a more natural and flexible stride.  The outsole is enhanced with STABILIS technology, a piece of TPU located at the narrowest part of the sole to avoid uncomfortable twisting between the forefoot and rearfoot, providing greater stability. The PULSOR system completes the sole with a piece of gel that absorbs the impact of the stride and encourages movement runner.

Difference - 12 mm. Weight 256g.