How to lose weight twice as fast? Scientists have named the best conditions for training


Not only your exercise regimen and proper nutrition, but also the time of day affects the effectiveness of your exercise.
If all popular weight loss products worked perfectly, life would be quite simple and easy. However, in reality, to lose weight and achieve a beautiful figure, you will have to put a lot of effort. One of the steps on the way to a trim body is sports.

Many people go to the gym in the evening after work - often this is the only free window in a busy schedule. But as it turns out, the time of day plays not the least role in the effectiveness of training.

British scientists' experiment
Scientists from the Universities of Bath and Birmingham in the UK conducted a study to find out the optimal time for training. Experts organized an experiment in which 30 overweight men took part.

Participants were divided into three groups. It was assumed that the first would train before breakfast, the second - immediately after, and the third - to adhere to their standard daily regimen.

The experiment lasted for six weeks and showed that the most effective was the regime of the first group of volunteers. They burned calories twice as fast as the other participants.

In addition, scientists have found that exercise before eating improves the body's susceptibility to insulin. This, in turn, reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

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Perfect in the morning
A perfect morning should start not only with coffee and avocado toast, but also with a jog. The advantage of early cardio exercise is the so-called afterburn effect. The fact is that calories are burned both during the exercise itself and after it. That is, morning exercise will start this process, and during the day the fat will continue to go away at an accelerated rate.

How is it possible? Turns out, exercise can keep your metabolic rate high for hours. After an evening workout, we are often less active - we go to bed or choose passive rest. At such times, the "afterburner effect" hardly works at all. While the morning exercise is followed by a busy working day.

Is it worth training on an empty stomach?
For more effective weight loss, you should not rush with the morning meal. The maximum amount of fat is burned during exercise on an empty stomach. Basically, the body draws energy from carbohydrates, and when they are not enough, it switches to using fatty tissues as a reserve source.

True, there are nuances. If you are in poor health or have heart problems, in the morning it is better to limit yourself to a light workout and do not overload yourself. Since in the first time after waking up the blood is thicker, it is not so easy to push it through the vessels, which becomes an additional load on the heart.

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