Closing Letter to Patients

Dear Patients:

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing I am closing my private practice and pursuing a
different direction, effective February 28, 2023. It has been a great pleasure providing for your
health care needs over the years, and it is not easy for me to give it up.

I have many qualified colleagues you may contact to receive rheumatological care after this date.
I recommend you contact your insurance plan for a list of participating providers or the St. Louis
Medical Society for help you begin your search by giving you the names of doctors in the area
who are accepting new patients. That being said, I have worked closely with Dr. Sona Kamat at
West County Rheumatology, and she is still accepting new patients, depending on your
insurance plan. If you wish to establish care with West County Rheumatology/Dr. Kamat, please
contact her office at 314-492-2323.

Your medical records are confidential, and a copy can be transferred to another doctor or
released to you or another person you designate only through your permission. I have enclosed
a release of information form for you to complete and sign and return to our office by February
15, 2023. We will transfer your records to the person designated on your release within 14 days
of receipt of the signed form.

The records will be available at our office until March 1, 2023. After that time, we will provide
you an alternative contact for transfer of your records.

I have greatly valued our relationship and thank you for your loyalty and friendship over the
years. Best wishes for your future health.


Sandra Hoffmann, MD

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