Sports life: 7 life hacks so you don't miss a workout


Almost everyone knows the feeling when you really don't want to get out of bed, much less go for a run or to the gym. What can make you do it? For example, one of the items in our selection.

Motivation by shopping
Have you been denying yourself something for a long time? Make it a goal to exercise regularly. Exercise at least three times a week all month - get a reward, like a trip to a pizza place, a full day of shopping, or a new pair of sneakers. That way, the sense of accomplishment is reinforced. And if you miss it, you'll have to start the countdown all over again.

Group workouts
Sometimes the desire to visit the gym falls away because of the same exercises that have to be performed on a regular basis. This is how workouts turn into a routine. To avoid this, try group exercise classes. Doing exercises together with like-minded people is more fun, plus they will help you diversify your workout plan.

Groups also often have conversations on social media where they share experiences, socialize and motivate each other.

New sports uniforms
There's nothing nicer than going to the gym in stylish new leggings, a T-shirt or an olympic shirt. And even better - in soft, comfortable sneakers, in which your feet will feel almost no fatigue.

If you start a fitness blog, you will solve several problems at once: you will find like-minded people who will support you and not let you skip workouts for a long time, you will exercise more, you will be constantly involved in sports.

Habit tracker
To motivate yourself to exercise more, you need to watch the progress. And since it will not be visible in the figure immediately, mark in your calendar the days when you exercise, eat right or go out for a jog. This way, you will see how you get involved in sports and healthy lifestyle, and you will definitely not want to stop.

There are also special apps that help you stay on track. Some of them even allow you to attach photos: seeing positive changes will definitely give you more motivation.

Download a selection of songs or make one yourself. It can be energetic and rhythmic, as well as classical music. And while the head is resting from fuss, the body is working and improving. In this way, exercise will improve not only the body, but also the mood.

Workout as time alone with yourself
In the hustle and bustle of the workday, we often don't have time to think about our own or daydream. Treat going to the gym not as extra work, but as time to spend with yourself. Think about the day ahead, make plans for the week. You won't even notice how the training time will fly by, and your workouts will become easier and easier.


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